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Alerts in Databases: Why Create Alerts?

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Re-run searches in databases

For long-term academic research, as databases are regularly updated, you may run the same queries again and again, using the same keywords, in order to get fresh information.

Fortunately, most of the databases provided by the Graduate Institute Library allow setting up automatic searches (alerts), which will provide you with up-to-date documents.




Get journals tables of contents (TOCs) as soon as they are available

Most of the academic publishers offer to send automatically up-to-date journals TOCs by e-mail.

Just provide your e-mail address, select the journal(s) you want to monitor, and avoid visiting the editor's website every month.




Re-run your queries with Google/Google Scholar

  • Set up a Google alert and get answers to your query when pertinent pages are newly indexed by Google/Google Scholar/Google News.
  • Get new content published in a specific website using the power of Google.


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