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Interlibrary Loan: If the Document is not in the RERO Catalogue

How to use the interlibrary loan service at the Graduate Institute

How much time does it take?

8-10 days if the book is in Western Switzerland (RERO catalogue). If the book comes from German-speaking Switzerland or from abroad, the delay varies.

What is my Password?

Your default password, if you never changed it, is the last six digits of your patron number.

Can I renew the loan?

To renew the loan of a book borrowed from a library outside the RERO network, contact in advance Ms Martine Basset. The renewal will only be possible if the lending library agrees.

If the Document is not in the RERO Catalogue

You can request a document using the online form.

Enter your patron ID and your password:

Select your library in the drop-down menu:

Fill the form, and be specific! Give as many details as possible: title, author, publisher, publication date, did you find it in a library catalogue, do you wish us to search in Switzerland only, or also abroad...

Check the box to confirm that you accept the interlibrary loan conditions, and click on "Send"

Contact Us

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The Graduate Institute Library
Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm
D +41 22 908 58 89

Save Time, Ask a Librarian

Martine Basset

D +41 022 908 58 60

If I Want to Request a Journal Article?

In this case, you will receive a photocopy of the article, and you will keep it.

Enter your patron ID and password on the RERO interlibrary loan page, and once you have reached the detailed ILL form, click on the button "Article Request". Then fill the form, giving as many details as possible,