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Interlibrary Loan

How to use the interlibrary loan service at the Graduate Institute

If the Document is not in the RERO Catalogue

You can request a document using the online form.

Enter your patron ID and your password (password forgotten?):

Select your library in the drop-down menu:

Fill the form, and be specific! Give as many details as possible: title, author, publisher, publication date, did you find it in a library catalogue, do you wish us to search in Switzerland only, or also abroad...

Check the box to confirm that you accept the interlibrary loan conditions, and click on "Send"


  • 8-10 days if the book is in Western Switzerland (RERO catalogue)
  • The delay varies if the book comes from German-speaking Switzerland or from abroad

Your default password, if you never changed it, is the last six digits of your patron number.

Loans of books borrowed from a library outside the RERO network depends on its conditions.
Please contact in advance to know if it is possible.

If you requested a journal article, you will receive a photocopy of it, which you can keep:

  • Enter your patron ID and password on the RERO interlibrary loan page
  • Choose your library
  • Click on the button
  • Fill in the form, giving as many details as possible