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Google Tips

How to use Google efficiently

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Identifying and locating books, journal archives and magazines scanned by Google

- partner publishers and authors who wish to promote their books
- partner libraries who wish to pass on information through the digitalisation of their collections

Before searching
1. Define your topic in precise words
2. Avoid words with multiple meanings
3. Translate words in other relevant languages

Collect new keywords while searching

Advanced Search

Narrow your results by using the Advanced Search (under Settings)

- for limited or/and full view documents
- for books or/and magazines
- in a selected language
- by title
- by author
- by publisher
- by subject
- by publication date
- by ISBN or ISSN

Use classic operators to improve efficiency

A Friendly Advice

If a book is not in Google Books, try to find it in Explore

No result? Suggest a purchase or request it through an interlibrary loan

Talk to Books

A new tool to browse passages from books using Google experimental AI