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Journal Articles: If We Do Not Have a Subscription

How To Get Access to the Article Legally

There are several options available:

  • making an interlibrary loan request: you will receive a photocopy of the article, which you will keep. It takes 8-10 days if the article is available in Western Switzerland (RERO). If the article is available in German-speaking Switzerland or abroad, the delay varies. This service is free for students and researchers from the Graduate Institute.
  • finding an open-access version.
  • contacting the author: find his/her email address, or find him/her on an academic social network like Research Gate or Academia.
  • Using the hashtag #ICanHazPDF on Twitter.
  • And SciHub? Under Swiss law, it is legal to use published documents for private use, even if they have been unlawfully made available on the Internet. "Private use" includes reading and citing the documents for research, but it is illegal to redistribute these documents to other persons.