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Talkwalker Alerts

Created in 2009 by Trendiction, a Luxemburger society, Talkwalker is the most efficient rival to Google for free alerting system. It searches for your keywords into the Web, blogs and in Twitter! Filtering the results is very easy (i.e. search in Twitter only – not available on Google Alerts).

Free registration and unlimited number of alerts on the Talkwalker homepage.

  • Keyword Search

Search for simple brands, products, keywords…

  • Boolean Operators

AND combines two keywords:
BMW AND bike will find all entries which mention the keyword “BMW” and the keyword “bike”.

AND NOT excludes a word of an entry:
BMW AND NOT bike will find all entries with the keyword “BMW”, but only if the notion “bike” is not contained in the same article.

  • “-” operator: excluding keywords

Similar to the “NOT” operator, the minus operator can be used to exclude keywords out of your results e.g.:
chocolate -swiss
BMW -site:”” excludes the results from that webpage

OR means that at least one of the terms that are linked by an OR have to be mentioned in the same article:
BMW OR bike will find all entries that include either the keyword “BMW” or the keyword “bike”.

  • Search for exact Character Strings

Quotes “ ” are used to find an exact character string:
BMW series” will find all entries that contain the exact character string “BMW series”. In contrast, the search query BMW AND series does not respect the order.

Many other advanced search tips are available here.

When using complicated boolean expressions be aware that they are limited to 10 clauses. This means that you can only use 9 boolean operators (like: AND, OR, site…) in your queries.