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League of Nations

A selection of relevant documents on the League of Nations


Monthly Summary = Résumé mensuel des travaux (1921-1940)
Main reference work on the activities of the League of Nations since its creation.
(Geneva : LoN)
341.121(093.2) HEIA 37486 (eng)
341.121(093.2) HEIA 37487 (fre)

Official Documents (1920-1940)
Proceedings of meetings, resolutions, reports, etc. Documents in English and French.
341.121(093.2) HEIA 114650
341.121(093.2) HEIA 114651
341.121(093.2) HEIA 114652

Official Journal = Journal officiel (1920-1940)
Countains also the proceedings of the Council.
341.121(093.2) HEIA 114653
HeinOnline  – Law Journal Library -> League of Nations Official Journal

Rapports annuels du Secrétaire général
1920-1944 (7 vol. reliés)
341.121(093.2) HEIA 114697


Histoire de la Société des Nations : l’esprit de Genève : vingt ans d’effort pour la paix / Paul David
(Genève : Slatkine, 2000)
341.121 HEIA 26931

League of Nations Photo Archive


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