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Collection Development Policies

Information for faculty and students regarding the collection development policies of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library

International Law

Since 1927, the Library has built an extensive collection in the field of international law, which reflects the evolution of this field.

We used to buy many books on legal theory and philosophy of law, written by renowned authors. Our collection development policy now includes new legal fields, such as international health law, religious law, climate law, international economic law, while keeping up with the evolution of the main fields of international law (human rights law, law of war...). We also purchase books on philosophy of law and legal history.

The main collection includes more than 21 000 documents, which cover all major fields of international law, such as general international public law, international organisations, law of the sea, human rights law, international economic and financial law, law of war and international environmental law.

The Library also holds an extensive collection of legal Festschriften. It also holds a historical collection of more than 130 books by classical authors, published before 1851, and several thousands of works published between 1851 and 1993.

Our library is also a depository library of the United Nations, gathering a large collection of documents and publications from the UN and the League of Nations, as well as several treaty series dating back to the 17th century.

Main subjects

  • General international public law, including theory and history
  • Festschriften
  • International organisations
  • State sovereignty, recognition, borders
  • Law of treaties
  • Law of war, humanitarian law, responsibility to protect
  • International criminal law, war crimes and genocide
  • International courts
  • Disarmament, peacekeeping operations
  • Human rights law, women's rights, children's rights, transitional justice
  • Migration and refugee law
  • International economic law, investment law
  • International health law
  • International environmental law