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Citation Management Software

Presentation of EndNote and Zotero, two widely used citation managers

Managing References

- To sort references: click on the heading of the field you wish to sort them by. The references will be sorted in ascending or descending order.

- To search for references: use the search window to search by title, author, keywords...

- To eliminate duplicates: menu "References" -> Find Duplicates.

Creating Groups of References

You can create up to 50 groups for each library. A reference can be added to several groups if necessary.
Deleting a reference from a group does not delete it from the library. Deleting a reference from the library deletes it from any groups it has been added to.
The Group pane is on the left of your library:
  • to create a group: Menu Groups -> Create Group;
  • to add reference(s) to a group: select the reference(s), right-click, select Add References to, and the name of the group (or drag and drop it to the group name);
  • to remove references from a group, select them, then: menu Group -> Remove References from Group;
  • to delete a group: select the group, menu Groups -> Delete Group.
A "smart group" is a group of references based on a saved search. For instance, to create a smart group on climate change, select Create Smart Group in the Groups menu: a search window opens, enter the name of the group, and the search term: "title" contains "climate". All the references in the library whose title contains the word "climate" will automatically be added to the group, and from now on, each time a reference with the word "climate" in the title will be downloaded, it will automatically be added to the group.

Changing the display of references

Go to the menu Edit -> Preferences -> Display Fields. You can choose which fields will appear in your library, and in which order.