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Citation Management Software

Presentation of EndNote and Zotero, two widely used citation managers

Creating Stand-Alone Bibliographies

Using the Subject Bibliography function:

Menu Tools -> Subject Bibliography, and choose the field(s) by which the references will be ordered (such as Keywords, or Reference Type, if you want to have different sections for books, articles and other types of documents). A window appears on the screen, with the list of the terms contained in the selected fields. You can select all or part of them.

The bibliography appears in a window; you can choose the style, save it (in the RTF format if you want to open it into Word, in the HTML format if you want to publish it on the web), print it.

Using the export function:

Select directly the references you want to include in your bibliography, go to the menu References -> Show Selected References, then menu File -> Export and save the file in the RTF or HTML format.

Inserting Citations in a Text

The EndNote toolbar appears in a special tab:


If you wish to add a page number, a prefix or a suffix to your citation, click on "Edit & Manage Citation(s)".

If included in the chosen style, EndNote creates automatically the in-text citation and the bibliography at the end of the text. You can change the style of your references at any time.

If you want your references to appear in footnotes, you have to create the footnotes first, and then insert the citation in the footnote.