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Citation Management Software

Presentation of EndNote and Zotero, two widely used citation managers

How Can I Use Citation Managers with LaTeX?

LaTeX users can insert references into their text using the BibTeX format, creating a .bib file and putting it into the same folder than the .tex file. Each reference is identified by a unique key, and is called in the .tex file. There are BibTex resources on the Web, including:
- Getting to Grips with LaTeX: Bibliographies with BibTeX, by Andrew Roberts
- Managing Citations and your Bibliography with BibTeX,(pdf file) by Jürgen Fenn
- BibTeX (en français)
- Getting Started with BibLaTeX
It is possible to export references from EndNote or Zotero to BibTeX, and so to use these programs even if you use LaTeX. Here are some additional resources:
- Step-by-step guide to using EndNote with LaTeX and BibTeX
- Zotero with LaTeX and BibTeX
- Zotero and LaTeX on the Zotero LibGuide.

There are also citation managers using the BibTeX format, such as JabRef (Mac, Windows and Linux) or BibDesk (Mac only)