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How to Access Electronic Resources

Use our Interlibrary Loan Service

You can order print books or journal articles via Swisscovery Courier or Interlibrary Loan. Attention! There is no document delivery for e-books from other libraries' collections:

  • Pros: it works well. And it is free for students and staff of the Geneva Graduate Institute.
  • Cons: it takes a few days.

Ask the Author

If the article is not too old, you can contact the authors and explain how much you need their article, could they share it with you?

If you feel like an Open Access activist, you can do this via the Open Access button website. Many authors could have placed their accepted manuscript in an OA repository:

  • Cons: it takes time and there is no guarantee.

Do you Know Sci-Hub?

Sci-Hub is a pirate library, with a very rich collection of articles. In Switzerland, you can download articles from Sci-Hub legally if it is for your personal use (research is regarded as a personal use).

Save Time, Ask a Librarian!

If you still cannot access the article you need, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance!