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How to Access Electronic Resources

Take the Right Road

If the screen you land on looks like this, you went wrong. The green banner at the top means you have been recognised as a Geneva Graduate Institute user, so you have activated the VPN and it is working fine. However, you should never be asked to login, authenticate or select the Institute from a list of institutions.

In this particular case, we have access to this e-book, but from another provider. The link to this page was found in Google Scholar; however, if Google Scholar can give you the correct link to access a journal article (assuming you are at the Maison de la Paix or have the VPN turned on), it can not do so for e-books. 

If you search for this e-book directly on Swisscovery, you will have a direct link to the provider where we bought the book. You can also have a link to Swisscovery directly in Google Scholar by activating the library links.

Activate the ViewIt@IHEID Links

You can enable links to Swisscovery and our electronic resources in your Google Scholar settings. Click on (top left), select Settings -> Library links, and activate the following links:

Direct links to Swisscovery will appear below the reference (GetIt@IHEID) or on the right (ViewIt@IHEID).