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Digital Skills Workshops before 2021

A series of workshops open to PhD students of the Institute.

Blogging & Social Media Presence - Saturday 22 February, 13:00-16.30, room S8

Blogging & Social Media Presence : Being Real, an Introduction (Stephanie Booth, 4h)

Blogs and social media are not just marketing or communication platforms. They are online social spaces in which authentic personal connections can thrive. This session will help you understand where the social tools of today come from and how they can help you be your best self online, strengthen your network and online presence, and be a key player in creating or contributing to vibrant online communities.
Stephanie Booth is an authority in digital transformation, particularly the impact of online social tools on the world we live in at large. As a blogging and social media pioneer who has been active in the "social web" for the past 20 years, focusing on personal online presence, she has witnessed the early days of blogging, the arrival of Twitter and Facebook, the birth of hashtags, the explosion of digital platforms, their mainstream acceptance, and takeover by corporate and ideological interests.

This workshop will take place on Saturday 22 February, 13:00-16.30, room S8

For any questions regarding registration to the workshop, please contact :