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Digital Skills Workshops

A series of workshops open to all students of the Institute.

Digital Skills Workshops

The Digital Skills Workshops are open to all current students of the Institute (Masters & PhD). They are free and take usually place on Saturdays. The workshops mix traditional presentations with practical exercises to give you knowledge and skills you can use in your studies and beyond. 

Registration is required to participate. You can of course register to more than one workshop if your schedule allows it. Attendance to some parts of the workshops (practical exercises) can be limited on a first-come, first-served basis. The workshops do not award credits, but a certificate will be issued to students who attend a complete workshop.

For questions, please contact or

For any questions regarding registration to the workshops, please contact :

List of Workshops – Spring 2020

Saturday 22 February,

13h-16h30, room S8

Blogging & Social Media Presence

To understand where the social tools of today come from and how they can help you be your best self online, strengthen your network and online presence, and be a key player in creating or contributing to online communities.

Saturday 29 February,

9h00-12h30, room S8


Branding without a Designer

To learn what branding and visual identity is all about; you'll discover basic graphic design concepts and how to utilize online tools to make your academic documents and presentations stand out from the pile.

Saturday 7 March,

"Presenting with Impact", 9h00-12h30, room S2

"Talking to the Media" 13h30-17h00, room S2

Talking to the media and speaking in public is a skill not a talent. Everyone can learn to speak with confidence and impact by learning and using a few golden rules
Register for each part separately

Thursday 12 March,

12h15-14h, room S4

This workshop will help you define which researcher profile platforms fit your needs.

Saturday 4 April,

13h-16h30 (CET)

Online workshop

Organising a Successful Online Event

During this workshop, you''ll learn how to define your channels according to your audience(s) and how to communicate and organize processes pre and post event.

Friday 1 May & Saturday 2 May,

10h30-12h & 13h30-15h (CET)



Designing an Online Survey

This workshop will teach you the best practices for online survey design using Qualtrics, with a focus on social science research projects.