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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries.

International Treaties

Sobranie traktatov i konvencij zaključennych Rossieju s inostrannymi deržavami (by F. Martens) (1648-1906)
Collection of treaties and international agreements between Russia and Austria, Germany, England and France. Classification in chronological order. In original languages ​​and Russian.
(Sankt-Peterburg: Tipografija Ministerstva putej soobščenija (A. Benke), 1877-1909, 15 vol.)
Vol. 1-4: Austria (1648-1878)
Vol. 5-8: Germany (1656-1888)
Vol. 9-12: England (1710-1895)
Vol. 13-15: France (1717-1906)
(094.2)947 SOB

Sbornik dogovorov Rossii s drugimi gosudarstvami.1856-1917
Collection of international treaties signed between 1856 and 1917. Chronological order.
(Moskva: Gos. IZD. Političeskoj Literatury, 1952)
(094.2)947 SBOR

A Calendar of Soviet Treaties 1917-1973
Directory of international agreements in which the USSR was a signatory state. The entries contain: the title of the agreement, the date of signature, the description of the agreement, the location of the source. Classification by date, country index.
947.084(094.2) HEIA 104547 (1917-1957) (Stanford University Press, 1959)
947.084(094.2) HEIA 104549 (1958-1973) (Alphen: Sijthoff & Noordhoff, 1981)

Soviet Treaty Series. A Collection of Bilateral Treaties, Agreements and Conventions Concluded between the Soviet Union and Foreign Powers (1917-1939)
Directory of international agreements. Arranged chronologically with indexes of signatories and subjects. Translated into English.
(Washington DC: Georgetown University Press, 1950-1955, 2 vol.)
947.084(094.2) HEIA 104667

Sbornik dejstvujuščich dogovorov, soglašenij i kon-vencij, zaključennych SSSR s inostrannymi gosu-darstvami, vyp. X-XLII (1937-1955, 1963-1966, 1972-1987)
Directory containing treaties, agreements and conventions concluded by the USSR with other states. Documents in Russian.
(Moskva: Gos. izd. političeskoj literatury, 1955-1989, 26 vol.)
(094.2)947 SBO