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Treaties and International Conventions

How to locate texts of treaties and international conventions in the Library and on the Internet


Index to Multilateral Treaties: a Chronological List of Multi-Party International Agreements from the Sixteenth Century through 1963
(Cambridge: Harvard Law School Library, 1965)
341.24(083.86) HEIA 1220

Multilateral Treaty Calendar = Répertoire des traités multilatéraux (1648-1995)
(The Hague [etc.]: M. Nijhoff, 1998)
341.24(083.86) HEIA 13241

Répertoire des traités de paix, de commerce, d’alliance etc. : conventions et autres actes conclus entre toutes les puissances du globe depuis 1867 à nos jours (1867-1899)
(Paris : Kraus Reprint, 1971)
341(094.2) HEIA 8911

World Treaty Index (1945-1999)
Search by country or organization name, country codes, topics, title keywords, laterality, signing date and citation.
World Treaty Index (1900-1980) (paper version)
List of the treaties by signature date.  Parties and keywords indexes.
(Santa Barbara Calif.; Oxford: ABC-Clio, 1983-1984)
341(094.2) HEIA 9106

Multilateral Treaties:  Index and Current Status (1984-1995)
Chronological table, subjects and keywords indexes.
(London: Butterworths, 1984-1995)
341.24(083.86) HEIA 1221

 Major International Treaties of the 20th Century: a History and Guide with Texts
(London [etc.]: Routledge, 2000)
341(094.2) HEIA 21214

The Flare Index to Treaties
A searchable database of basic information on over 2000 of the most significant multilateral treaties and some bilateral treaties concluded between 1353 and the present, with details of where the full text of each treaty may be obtained in paper, and, if available, electronic form on the internet.