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Resources for Students in International Law

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UN - International Law
International law is a primary concern of the United Nations. The mandate for the activities in this field emanates from the Charter of the United Nations.

Peace Palace Library
One of the oldest and most prestigious libraries specialised in international law.

EISIL- Electronic Information System for International Law
An open database of authenticated primary and other materials across the breadth of international law


341 Public international law
341.121 League of Nations
341.123 United Nations (UN)
341.174 European Union (EU). European Communities (law)
341.211 Competence and sovereignty of States
341.216 State immunity
341.218 Recognition of States and governments
341.219 State succession
341.222 Boundaries (international law). Borders (international law)
341.225 International law of the sea
341.231 Autonomy. Self-determination (law)
341.233 Right to interfere
341.234 Minority rights
341.236 State responsibility
341.3 Law of armed conflicts. Law of war
341.33 Humanitarian law
341.4 International criminal law
341.645 International courts
341.645.2  International Court of Justice (ICJ) (from 1946)
342.7 Human rights
342.717 Migration law
347.71 International commercial law
349.6 Environmental law