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Resources for Students in International Law

Trade Law

ICC International Chamber of Commerce, Dispute Resolution Library
A searchable online service provided by the ICC International Court of Arbitration containing relevant documents from its established publications on arbitration.

Investor-State Law Guide
Two main parts: dispute documents and legal instrument.

Investment Claims
Fully searchable arbitration awards and decisions, bilateral investment treaties, multilateral treaties, journal articles, monographs, and arbitration laws all linked and cross-referenced by the Oxford Law Citator.

OGEL: Oil, Gas & Energy Law (password)
Three main sections: OGEL Journal, OGEL Legal & Regulatory database and OGELFORUM (Archive).

A comprehensive database that searches across PDF files of official awards, decisions and other WTO documents Full-text (legal materials).

Transnational Dispute Management
Three main sections: TDM Journal, TDM Legal & Regulatory database, OGEMID (Archive)
Unique and helpful Dispute Settlement Commentaries (DSC's). DSCs are relatively brief analysis of all WTO Appellate Body reports, Panel Reports and arbitrations. They are written by trade law experts and include background, a summary of findings, and commentary. They are excellent introductions to the much longer WTO documents. World has also some free information, such as GATT and WTO Panel Reports, the key legal texts, and documents relating to the WTO negotiating history.

GATT documents (1946-1996)

GATT Digital Library (1947-1994)
Standford University/WTO

WTO Documents (1995->)