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Legal Citation

Main citation rules of the Bluebook, the European Journal of International Law, and Oscola


U.N. Charter art. 2, para.4.


1. General Assembly
1a. Citation to the Official Record (GAOR)
G.A. Res. 832(IX), U.N. GAOR, 9th Sess., Supp. No.21, U.N. Doc. A/2890, at 19.

1b. Citation to electronic version found in the Official Document System (ODS)
G.A. Res. 62/228, ¶ 35, U.N. Doc. A/RES/62/228 (Dec. 22, 2007)

Before 1976 (31st session), the resolution number is indicated as a Roman numeral in parentheses after the resolution number. After 1976, it is cited in Arabic numbers.

2. Security Council
S.C.Res.1325, ¶ 8, U.N.Doc.S/RES/1325 (Oct. 31, 2000)