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Legal Citation

Main citation rules of the Bluebook, the European Journal of International Law, and Oscola

International Court of Justice

Cite the case name; the names of the parties, if any; the type of court document (such as preliminary objection, advisory opinion); the volume and name of the publication in which the decision is found; the page or case number; the pincite, if any, with preference for paragraph number when available; and the date.

Military and Paramilitary Activities in and Against Nicaragua (Nicar. v. U.S.), 1986 I.C.J.14, 181 (June27) (separate opinion of Judge Ago).

International Criminal Tribunals

Prosecutor v. Kayishema & Ruzindana, Case No.ICTR 95-1-T, Judgment ¶ 126 (May 21, 1999)

If the case has been found on the official website of the Court:

Prosecutor v. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, Case No.ICC-01/05-01/08, Warrant of Arrest ¶ 22(May 23, 2008),

European Court of Human Rights

Kampanis v. Greece, 318 Eur.Ct.H.R.29, 35(1995)

European Commission on Human Rights:
Y. v. Netherlands, App.No.7245/32, 32 Eur.Comm’n H.R.Dec. & Rep.345, 358(1982)