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Library Training and Workshops

All the information you need about training sessions and workshops offered by the Library

Do It Yourself

Original illustration: The Geneva Graduate Institute

Various online guides to learn about different subjects:

Academic Researcher Profiles

Get to know several researcher profiles.

For whom?
Anyone interested in creating a digital researcher profile

Citing Sources

Learn how to cite in Chicago Style, the one used at the Institute.

For whom?
Anyone who would like to cite references correctly

Legal Citation

Go through the main citation rules of the Bluebook, the European Journal of International Law, and Oscola.

For whom?
Anyone who would like to cite legal references correctly

Droit d'auteur

Mieux comprendre le droit d'auteur et le droit de l'information dans le contexte académique suisse.

Pour qui?
Tout le monde ou presque, et notamment les étudiants, professeurs et chercheurs

Impact Metrics

A guide to help you to evaluate your scientific production, with chapters on researcher identifiers (ORCID) and altmetrics.

For whom?
Anyone interested in impact metrics

Systematic Reviews

Learn about systematic reviews which consist on combining the results of several studies to answer a research question.

For whom?
Anyone interested in systematic reviews