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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries.

General Documents

Modern Chinese History Selected Readings: a Collection of Extracts from Various Sources Chosen to Illustrate some of the Chief Phases of China's International Relations During the Past Hundred Years (beginning of the XIXe-1922)
(Shanghai: The Commercial Press, 1927)
951 HEIA 3157

Chinese Communist Foreign Policy and the Cold War in Asia (1944-1950)
Official documents, reports of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.
(Chicago: Imprint Publications, 1996)
951.04(093.2) HEIA 18962

The People's Republic of China (1949-1979). A Documentary Survey
Reports, statements, press releases, letters, published in 5 volumes.
(Wilmington: SR Scholarly Ressources Inc, 1984)
951.05(093) HEIA 104105

Chinese Politics. Documents and Analysis
Speeches, articles, resolutions dealing with the Chinese internal and external policies.
(Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1986)
Vol. 1: Cultural Revolution to 1969
Vol. 2: Ninth Party Congress (1969) to the Death of Mao (1976)
Vol. 3: The Death of Mao (1976) to the Fall of Hua Kuo-feng (1980)
Vol. 4: Fall of Hua Kuo-Feng (1980) to the Twelfth Party Congress (1982)
951.05(093) HEIA 27544/1-4

Classified Chinese Communist Documents. A Selection (1966-1976)
Letters, articles, reports, official statements.
(Taipei: Institute of International Relations / National Chengchi University Republic of China, 1978)
951.05(093) HEIA 21882

China Documents Annual (1989-)
Official documents referring to the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of Chinese foreign policy (except the statistical data and documents dealing with the Sino-Soviet relations).
(Gulf Breeze: Academic International Press, 1992-)
951.05(093.2) HEIA 27336