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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries

Other Documents

The People's Republic of China: a Documentary History of Revolutionary Change (1946-1978)
Speeches, official statements, memoranda, etc.
(New York/London: Monthly Review Press, 1979)
951 HEIA 8412

Chinese Communist World Outlook: a Handbook of Chinese Communist Statements, the Public Record of a Militant Ideology
A thematic study of the ideology, the internal policy and the foreign policy of the PRC.
(Bureau of Intelligence and Research, 1962)
951(093) HEIA 25260

Foreign Rights and Interests in China (1876-1926)
(Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, 1927, 2 vol.)
951(094.2) HEIA 2533

The Tiananmen Papers (1989)
Documents dealing with the repression of the Tiananmen uprising, dated April 8 to June 4, 1989.
(New York: Public Affairs, 2001)
951.05 HEIA 22145

 World Constitutions Illustrated - China