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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries

Other Documents

The People's Republic of China: a Documentary History of Revolutionary Change (1946-1978)
Speeches, official statements, memoranda, etc.
(New York/London: Monthly Review Press, 1979)
951 HEIA 8412

Chinese Communist World Outlook: a Handbook of Chinese Communist Statements, the Public Record of a Militant Ideology
A thematic study of the ideology, domestic and foreign policy of the PRC.
(Bureau of Intelligence and Research, 1962)
951(093) HEIA 25260

Foreign Rights and Interests in China (1876-1926)
(Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, 1927, 2 vol.)
951(094.2) HEIA 2533

The Tiananmen Papers (1989)
Documents relating with the suppression of the Tiananmen uprising, from April 8 to June 4, 1989.
(New York: Public Affairs, 2001)
951.05 HEIA 22145

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