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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries

Historical Documents

Soviet documents on foreign policy (1917-1941)
Selection of foreign policy documents (notes, interviews, newspaper articles, telegrams, resolutions etc.). Translated into English.
(London: Oxford University Press, 1951-1953, 3 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16877

The Russian Provisional Government 1917. Documents
Selection of documents relating to the period of the Provisional Government: February Revolution, the establishment of the Provisional Government (speeches, letters, reports, minutes). Translated into English.
(Stanford University Press, 1961, 3 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 26280

Soviet Russia and the West. 1920-1927. A documentary survey.
(Stanford University Press, 1957)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16879

Soviet Russia and the East. 1920-1927. A documentary survey.
(Stanford University Press, 1957)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16880

Soviet Foreign Policy. 1928-1934. Documents and materials
Selection of foreign policy documents (newspaper articles, statements, resolutions, etc.). Translated into English.
(Pennsylvania State University Press, 1966-1967, 2 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16882

Soviet Foreign Policy during the Patriotic War. Documents and Materials (1941-1944)
Stalin's statements and speeches, treaties and agreements, publications of the TASS news agency, telegrams. Translated into English.
(London: Hutchinson, 1946, 2 vol.)
947.084(093) HEIA 15643

Sowjetische Geheimdokumente zum Afghanistankrieg (1978-1991)
Selection of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan (minutes, notes, conversations etc.). Documents in Russian and in German translation.
(Zürich: vdf, 1995)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 6973

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States: Documents, Data, and Analysis (1991-1995)
Documents on the establishment and operation of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
(New York [etc.]: ME Sharpe, 1997)
947(093) HEIA 12156