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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries.

General Documents

Soviet documents on foreign policy (1917-1941)
Selection of foreign policy documents (notes, interviews, newspaper articles, telegrams, resolutions etc.). Translated into English.
(London: Oxford University Press, 1951-1953, 3 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16877

The Russian Provisional Government 1917. Documents
Selection of documents relating to the period of the Provisional Government: February Revolution, establishment of the Provisional Government (speeches, letters, reports, minutes). Translated into English.
(Stanford University Press, 1961, 3 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 26280

Soviet Russia and the West. 1920-1927. A documentary survey.
(Stanford University Press, 1957)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16879

Soviet Russia and the East. 1920-1927. A documentary survey.
(Stanford University Press, 1957)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16880

Soviet Foreign Policy. 1928-1934. Documents and materials
Selection of foreign policy documents (newspaper articles, statements, resolutions, etc.). Translated into English.
(Pennsylvania State University Press, 1966-1967, 2 vol.)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 16882

Soviet Foreign Policy during the Patriotic War. Documents and Materials (1941-1944)
Stalin's statements and speeches, treaties and agreements, publications of the TASS news agency, telegrams. Translated into English.
(London: Hutchinson, 1946, 2 vol.)
947.084(093) HEIA 15643

Vnešnjaja politika Sovetskogo Sojuz (1941-1950)
Selection of documents concerning the foreign policy of the USSR. Documents in Russian.
(Moskva: Gos. izd. političeskoj literatury, 1946-1953, 8 vol.)
(093)947 VNE

Vnešnjaja politika Sovetskogo Sojuz i meždunarodnye otnošenija (1961, 1968-1981, 1983-1985)
Directory containing documents concerning the foreign policy of the USSR (statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, press reports of the TASS news agency, Soviet proposals in the UN, etc.). Documents in Russian.
(Moskva: Institut meždunarodnych otnošenij, 1962-1986, 18 vol.)
(093)947 VNESN

Sowjetisches Geheimdokumente zum Afghanistan-Krieg (1978-1991)
Selection of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan (minutes, notes, conversations etc.). Documents in Russian and in German translation.
(Zürich: vdf, 1995)
947.084(093.2) HEIA 6973

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States: Documents, Data, and Analysis (1991-1995)
Documents on the establishment and operation of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
(New York [etc.]: ME Sharpe, 1997)
947(093) HEIA 12156