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Foreign Relations and Diplomatic Documents

Diplomatic documents and resources for a selection of countries

Presidential Materials

Public Papers of the Presidents
Speeches, writings and statements of Presidents of the United States. Classified by year and president.
920(973.1) COM (1789-1910)
973(093.2) HEIA 6343 (1929-1933; 1945-)
920(973.1) ROOS (1938-1945: The Public Papers and Addresses of F. D. Roosevelt)
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (1929, H. Hoover,- )
Nexis Uni (1979, J. Carter,-)

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1782)
(New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1961-2001)
920(73)FRA HEIA 4510

The Papers of Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)
(Princeton Univ. Press, 1966-1994)
920(73)WIL HEIA 2261

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs (1933-1939)
Letters, memoranda, notes.
(Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press; New York [etc.]: Clearwater, 1969-1983)
920(973.1) ROOS(N)

The State of the Union, Messages of the Presidents
Annual addresses presented before a joint session of Congress and held in the House of Representatives Chamber at the U.S. Capitol.
973(093) HEIA 9295 (1790-1966)
(New York: Chelsea House [etc.], 1966)

State of the Union Addresses (1790-, George Washington)