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A relevant selection of documents on human rights law

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Refugee law: see the Law page of the Global Migration guide.

Women's rights: see the Rights box in the Gender and Development guide

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Human Rights Council in session at the Palais des Nations in Geneva

Human rights law is a major research and teaching field for the Graduate Institute, and the Library has an extensive collection on these subjects.

The Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, a joint centre of the Institute with the University of Geneva, aims to provide instruction of a high academic standard, in French and in English, conduct and promote scientific research, organise training courses and expert meetings and provide legal expertise in the branches of international law relating to situations of armed conflicts.


342.7: Human Rights

342.701: Women's Rights

342.702: Children's Rights

342.704: Transitional Justice

342.705: Torture

343.25: Death Penalty

Main Links

The human rights search engine: search over 5000 human rights web sites.

WWW Virtual Library: Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

H- Human Rights
Discussion network for scholars, policymakers, authors, historians and other interested people devoted to the history, theory, analysis and practice of human rights.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
More than 60'000 core human rights documents, 4'000 links and a unique search device for multiple human rights sites.

Geneva International - Human Rights Page
Links to international organisations, NGOs and international conferences on human rights related to Geneva.