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Are you looking for a way to give voice to your research project? Or want to know what inspires a professor in the field to keep researching on a topic? Do you want to know what fields the Institute’s administration and staff could be passionate about? Or maybe follow the slew of discussions and work from the initiatives and committees you talk about? Look no further, for Geneva.Intl has a feature!

Geneva Intl., a Podcasting team at the Geneva Graduate Institute, introduces the skill of podcasting for our diverse and multicultural community. The purpose of this is to equip you with a tool that can be molded according to the topic or theme you would like to speak about. It thereby curates a plethora of information under different themes, all at the click of podcast. Listen to our trailer to learn more!

Wait wait, how does that work?

Geneva Intl. would allow for the easy usage of the Podcast hardware at the Library of the Institute. All you need is a script and an idea of how long your podcast is going to be - we recommend aiming for a duration of 2 to 20 minutes, although some subjects might require more time. Once this is ready, you can be given the general guidelines on how this can take place afterwhich the script and content will be reviewed and checked and voila, you are ready to record!


The recording should take place in a space that eliminates the disturbance of any sound and would allow for a smooth and clear audio clip output in the process of editing. The editing will be shown and the software that can be used is called “Hindenburg”. For more information on this, check the other pages of this guide.

Who can record and who is the audience?

The Podcasting Committee would encourage students, professors, research centres and staff at the Geneva Graduate Institute to record a podcast. For this purpose, the input will be from the Institute’s community whilst the audience that hears the podcast would span from beyond the Institute’s community. It would be to prospective students, researchers and even alumni from the Institute.

So enabling and facilitating?

Yes! With over 9 research centres and a wealth of knowledge shared amongst the Geneva Graduate Institute’s academic and non-academic members, the Geneva.Intl would help enable and facilitate the production of the podcast for any person interested. As these centres run in parallel and have a separate page for the work enlisted under them, there will be links from the podcast to their respective pages. Thus, it would serve to empower each initiative, committee or person working for or a student at the Institute.

Are you ready?

If you’re interested, do email us at !

Podcasts at the Institute

By students and researchers of the Geneva Graduate Institute

From Centres associated with the Geneva Graduate Institute

Other production (courses and workshops)