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How to record a podcast

What is a Lavalier?

Lavalier microphones are also called "lapel mics". They are among the simplest items you can use in our collection. They can be attached to someone's shirt or vest, and linked to your smartphone or other equipment for recording.

They have a 3.5mm jack connector, but since most smartphones do not have these anymore we provide adapters for any equipment you may be using:

  • 3 Lightning adapters for iPhone/iPad models up to 2023
  • 3 USB-C adapters for other smartphones and laptops
  • 2 TRS adapters for cameras and PC microphone inputs
  • Jack adapters for other hardware (mixer etc.)

Which Lavalier Should You Pick?

RØDE smartLav+

This model probably has the best sound among these microphones, but its cable is only 1m long.

Boya BY-M1

This model's cable is 6m long, which makes it great if you are filming a video (the cable can be hidden under the participant's clothing). A module on the cable can host a battery to activate the camera mode. This should be left "off" when using a smartphone. If you plan on using a camera, please contact the library in advance so we can provide you with the battery.

Boya BY-M1DM

This model is very similar to BY-M1, but it includes two microphone inputs connecting to a single smartphone. This can be used for interviews, when you plan on recording both the interviewer and the interviewee, for example, or when you plan on filming two participants.