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How to record a podcast

Recording and Editing Software

The following software is generally recommended for free audio recording and editing:

  • Garageband (Mac OSX only) is the free version of Logic (see below).
  • Audacity (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) is free and cross-platform, but somewhat more complex to use.

If you are ready to invest in audio editing (such as becoming a regular podcast editor) we suggest:

  • Reaper (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) is a professional (and more complex) solution.
    As non-commercial users, you get a discounted price of 60$ per license.
  • Logic Pro (Mac OSX only) is a highly-rated professional software you can purchase for USD 200$.

Other options that are well-known, but not recommended due to their subscription-only model:

Recording Online

Since you cannot always be on site, distance recording might be a better option.

Zencastr allows you to record both sides of your conversation on different computers that you can later edit and blend together with your favourite editing software. The free version allows up to 2 participants (expanded to unlimited during the COVID-19 crisis).

Most video conferencing systems also allow you to record an audio track of the meeting, which you can later edit. Usually that will be a single audio track which will not allow you to adapt each participant's audio track.

Editing Your Podcast with Hindenburg Journalist Pro

Hindenburg Systems has multiple great resources to learn how to edit your podcast.