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How to record a podcast

Video Recording Kit

The Library offers a video recording kit containing the following items:

You will notice this kit does not include a camera. It is made to use with your smartphone and should allow you to create high-quality video on a budget.

The kit can be reserved for 1-7 days on our Equipment Catalogue.

You can also check our audio recording equipment, which includes several lavalier (clip/collar/lapel) microphones.

Video Editing Software

There is a wide range of video editing software you can choose from.

Former podcasting initiative member Michelle Olguin recommends DaVinci Resolve, which is free and feature-rich.

Other options include:

Bureau Culturel Genève

You can rent advanced recording equipment, including cameras, from the Geneva "Bureau Culturel". If you wish to become serious about podcasting or video, it may be a useful option. You can also use their hardware and software for audiovisual editing and creation on-site.