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Google Tips

How to use Google efficiently


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Google Search, Google Scholar and Google Books,
how to use them with efficiency

A Powerful Engine, but...

Not all you need is on Google... Use databases to complete your search

Criticism of Google:

- search neutrality is not guaranteed
- possibly favoring established websites
- no strict separation between ads and search results
- copyright issues
- lack of privacy
- censorship

Google Search Bias

Be aware that Google use algorithms (PageRank) to filter, or tailor, the search results, based on previous searches you have done – the sites you have viewed, what you clicked on and other data that can be gathered from your browser. So the exact same search, using exactly the same search words, can return different results for different individuals.

Get further:

Pariser, Eli. "Beware online filter bubbles." Filmed February 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. TED video, 8:47.