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Google Tips

How to use Google efficiently

Display of Results

Types of displays (depending on copyright law):
- full text
- excerpts
- limited display
- no display


Author's name - Publication year - Preview - Other editions held by Google Books
Short description

Find in a Library

Does a copy exist in your library?
1. Click the book
2. Click "Find in a library" on the left (sometimes hidden under "Get this book in print")
3. In Worldcat, select "Obtenir UNIGE" (your affiliated library)

4. If an electronic version exists in Geneva, just click the link:

5. If a print copy exists in the Geneva catalog, click to locate it:

IHEID/UNIGE or VPN access required

About this Book

1. Click the book
2. On the left, click "About this book"

3. Scroll down to...
- read or write a review
- check out the table of contents
- see the common terms and phrases
- better know the author
- import citation into BibTex or EndNote

If you prefer Zotero:
- Click on top of the page to save references to your Zotero library

A Friendly Advice

How to cite and manage sources?

Check out our libguides Citing sources and Citation Manager Software