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How to Search for Sources and Manage Them

How to develop a search strategy

Research Question Framework

© Photo by geralt, pixabay license

Having a framework for your research question can help identify key concepts of your research and facilitate the process of document selection.

The 5 Ws are questions whose answers are considered the basis of information-gathering:

  • What is my research about?
  • Who is involved?
  • When did it take place (time period, key dates)?
  • Where did it take place (geographical scope)?
  • Why did it happen (purpose, reasons)?

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Mind mapping your research question framework enables you to visualise the relationships between concepts and information, teasing out themes and keywords.

Identify and keep a record of keywords, terms and phrases expressing your research question. Find synonymsalternative words. Translate them if necessary, since the language in which you search will influence the results.

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