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Research Data Management

External Drives

In some cases, you may wish to keep your data on external drives.

  • An external drive can be used and kept offline.
  • It can be encrypted.
  • It can be physically stored in a safe.
  • It is fast, cheap, and contains very large amounts of data compared to other solutions.

Of course, this comes with severe limitations to collaboration, and backups require the adoption of good practices:

  • Have a regular backup schedule (e.g. each Monday morning).
  • Keep 3 copies (original + 2 extra) of your data in 2 separate locations (home and work, for example) in case of fire or other catastrophe.
  • Never keep the original and the backup in the same bag (risks of theft and loss).
  • USB sticks are not valid backup solutions. They should only be used to physically transfer data.