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Research Data Management

IHEID Template for the SNSF Data Management Plan

Things you should know about the SNSF DMP

  • A Data Management Plan is relatively short. The SNSF expects approximately 2 pages of text in total, answering 10 questions, plus 2 checkboxes. This does not mean it will be fast to fill: you can expect several hours of work and thinking to write up a decent plan. Do not wait until the last day before the submission to start working on it.
  • A DMP is a living document and only becomes final when the project reaches its end. It should be revised and updated throughout your research process, as new information arises and more decisions are taken.
  • An SNSF DMP is not part of your project evaluation. The FNS expects a "plausible" DMP to release funds, but any revisions will only be requested after the project has been accepted.

Are there standard answers I can use? 

Yes and no. Answers can not be standard as each DMP relates to a specific dataset. We have however created an IHEID Template for the SNSF Data Management Plan based on the work of the EPFL and ETHZ libraries for the Swiss Data Life Cycle Management project (DLCM). It contains detailed explanations and examples related to the social sciences. We will try to offer additional examples in the future – any comment or suggestion is welcome!

Data Management Plan FAQ

What legal aspects should I be aware of?

Our colleague Céline Vilmen tells you all about legal aspects of research data (copyright, personal data...) in her libguide.

What about ethical aspects?

The Research Office has a checklist and guidelines you can check on their dedicated page.

How should I choose my file formats? 

The ETHZ Library has created a handy list of recommended file formats that can apply to the social sciences too.

I will not use any data. Should I really fill a DMP?

In some specific fields (theoretical law, philosophy, etc.), you might not use data in any meaningful way, even with the definition we previously mentioned. The SNSF is aware of this and offers you the opportunity to explain why a DMP cannot be filled for your research.

Who can help?

You are not alone. The SNSF online form itself includes comments and additional questions to help you flesh out your answers. We can also help you write your DMP or offer feedback on your draft. If you have specific questions, you can simply contact us by e-mail: