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Research Data Management

Dataset Search

Google Dataset Search does just what the name says. Why not start there?

Kaggle is an alternative. also allows thematic search of datasets.

Governmental and International Data Sources

Wikipedia keeps a list of data portals established by governments and international organisations.

The UN Statistics office references their various databases.

Other Interesting Sources

Open research data repositories contain many research datasets. Here is a list by subject.

IPCSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) is a major social science data host.
It also hosts a social media archive.

The Qualitative Data Repository is self-explanatory.

Data is Plural is a newsletter with interesting data sources.

NASA's Earth Observation Data:

GitHub's list of Awesome Public Datasets.

Project Implicit's data on implicit social cognition (bias based on race, age, ability, gender, etc.)

Wikimedia and its contributors are building Wikidata.