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Research Data Management

Quantitative Research Tools

The Geneva Graduate Institute offers Stata licences on demand: request here.

R is a GNU (libre and open source) "language and environment for statistical computing and graphics". It is used by data scientists to wrangle with many different types of data. It can be used in conjunction with:

  • RStudio, a visual interface for R.
  • IHEIDDown: An R package to write and edit your dissertation, article or powerpoint directly in R, in a style compatible with IHEID standards, forked by prof. James Hollway (IR/PS department) and delegated to the Library.

Python is a popular programming language, also available under an open license, and widely used in data science.
Many different implementations and graphical interfaces exist, among which Anaconda:

Qualitative Research Tools

The Geneva Graduate Institute has a site licence for students. You can request it here. We also have an education discount for academics. You can find more information on the intranet.

Dedoose :
Dedoose is web-based qualitative research tool. You pay per active month (i.e. month during which you actually used the tool).

Transcription tools

Tools for interview transcription

Tool for handwritten archives transcription

Other Tools

Audio File Size Calculator

LaTeX template for IHEID theses, by Rémi Viné: