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Research Data Management

Upcoming RDM Workshops @IHEID

Writing a Data Management Plan for SNSF Grant Applications (and for Yourself) - Wednesday 22 September, 12:15
(90 minutes, open to IHEID researchers and PhD students, in collaboration with Dominic Eggel and the Research Office)
The Swiss National Science Foundation and other funders require grant submissions to include a data management plan. But a DMP is useful even beyond this requirement and can help you avoid major issues in your research. This presentation explains what it is, how it should be filled, and how it informs you on open science and research data management.

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Past workshops (will be renewed)

Research Data Management: a Very Short Introduction
(45 minutes, open to IHEID staff and students)
Data is core to research and the basis for all publications. Research funders require that it is properly managed and shared whenever possible. We will quickly go through the research data lifecycle (planning, collecting, processing, preserving, sharing, re-using etc.) and discuss good practices, planning, and technical advice.

Storing Data During Your Project: Options and Recommendations
(45 minutes, open to IHEID staff and students)
Proper data management requires using adequate storage solutions depending on various factors. In this session, we will consider selection criteria and what solutions are easily available for researchers at the Graduate Institute as well as backup strategies, ensuring practical, safe, and secure data storage.

Naming and Organising Files for Research Data Management & More
(45 minutes, open to IHEID staff and students)
Finding the right organisation for your files and folders is hard, and even harder when collaborating with other people. We will discuss this, as well as ways to identify the contents of a file without needing to open it. In the long run, this should help you save a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.

Sharing Research Data on Open Repositories
(45 minutes, open to IHEID staff and students)
We will briefly talk about why research data should be shared, explain the FAIR principles of open data, and how to choose a repository. This session will include a practical exploration of Zenodo as an example among others.

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