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Fonds Mark Zborowski

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Mark [Marc] Zborowski (January 27, 1908 – April 30, 1990) (AKA "Marc" Zborowski or Etienne) was an anthropologist and an NKVD agent (Venona codenames TULIP and KANT). He was the NKVD's most valuable mole inside the Trotskyist organisation in Paris during the 1930s and in New York during the 1940s.

The collection contains:

  • FBI files concerning the investigation on Zborowski, 1938-1966
  • FBI file concerning Boris Nikolaevski, 1949-1955
  • FBI file containing information on Raphael Abramovitch, 1938-1955
  • FBI file containing information on David J. Dallin, 1940-1968
  • FBI file containing information on Russian émigrés, 1951-1953