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Training Sessions

Online sessions from August 24th to the end of September:

Session 1: How to add references to your Zotero library

Session 2: Creating bibliographies and inserting references into a text using Zotero

Session 3: Zotero online and group work with Zotero

Session 4: Zotero for LaTeX users.



Zotero is a free and open-source program that collects and manages the bibliographic references you need for your research. It allows you to:

  • download references automatically from library catalogs, bibliographic databases or the Web (but some references have to be entered manually anyway);
  • search for references, sort them, eliminate duplicates;
  • create independent bibliographies or insert references in a text while you are writing. You can choose between many different styles, change the style during the writing process, and produce automatically the bibliography at the end of your dissertation. 

Using a citation manager like Zotero will allow you to save a lot of time, to avoid tedious and uninteresting tasks, to better the quality of your bibliographies, and to concentrate on research and writing.


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