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Using the visual editor, you can do easily small changes to a style. But be careful, you could do more changes than you wish. The examples on this page have been done in the Chicago full note style.

Example 1: formatting the names of authors

If you click on a field in one of the examples, you will be automatically directed to the parts of the style where you can make some changes.

You can then start making some changes, for instance choosing the "short" or "long" version of the name (with or without the first name) or replacing the first name by the initial, by enabling the initialize-with function and adding a dot.


Example 2: Italicising Titles of Reports

If you just try to italicize the titles directly, you will see this warning appear:

because you will italicize the titles of reports, but also of chapters, PhD theses, etc.

For certain item types, the title is already in italics. The item type "report" can be added in the conditionals to these item types.