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How to Sort and Search for References

  • To sort your references: click on the heading of the field you wish to sort. 
  • To modify the display of your library (add or remove fields), right-click on the paper clip icon to the right of the field headings.
  • To search for references: a simple search function   with 3 different options and an advanced search function .
  • To merge duplicates: click on Duplicate Items in the left pane of your library. The Zotero Duplicates Merger add-on can make the process easier.

Zotero Timeline

The Zotero Timeline allows you to visualise the items in a Zotero collection on a chronological basis, using either the publication date or the date you added the item to Zotero.

To create a timeline, go to the Tools menu, and select "Create Timeline". A timeline will be created for the collection that is open on your desktop. You can navigate laterally on the timeline, change the default option "date published" to "date added" or "date modified", or highlight a specific search term in one of the 4 colours provided.