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Digital Skills Workshops for PhD Students (UNIGE and Geneva Graduate Institute)

Becoming the Media

The Internet has transformed the media landscape: anybody can now become an author, creator, or publisher of multimedia content. This workshop aims to give you the necessary information to start an online publishing project: legal issues, knowledge of the multimedia platforms and technical aspects of media production, as well as a look at what a new online newspaper project can be in 2019.

This workshop will take place over the following dates:

  • Saturday 26 October
  • Friday 1st November (2h)
  • Saturday 2nd November

By the way, did you know the Library has recording equipment you can borrow to record a podcast or interviews?

Saturday 26 October, room S5

Digital media: rights and liabilities in a nutshell (Yaniv Benhamou, 4h) 

Copyright law is regularly adapting to modern online media publishing tools, but it is not the only legal aspect creators should be aware of. We will discuss this evolution and the legal responsibilities of Internet creators, publishers and hosting platforms, regarding copyright, freedom of speech, and their limitations.

Yaniv Benhamou (PhD, attorney-at-law and lecturer at the University of Geneva) lectures and publishes in the areas of Data Protection and Intellectual Property (incl. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence). He is also in charge of institutional missions relating to the digital transformation of the University of Geneva, executive director of the Internet Law Summer School and appointed expert by WIPO for museums and copyright. Besides these academic activities, he works as attorney-at-law in the field of Digital Law.


Podcasting: a niche medium for everyone (Yann Rieder, 3h)

What is a podcast? How can you produce and distribute a show, tomorrow? What is the podcasting landscape of today? This presentation aims to answer all of these questions. We will also take a look at several business models and technical aspects, to better understand, in both cases, what makes podcasting unique — even for the Internet.

While preparing for a Master in Political Science at the University of Geneva (2018), Yann Rieder worked as a gaming and local journalist. His major achievement however is a 12-year (and counting) career as a podcast host and producer for Radio Kawa and Blueprint.

Friday 1 November

Natively online journalism in 2019: the case of (Serge Michel, 2h) is a recent natively digital journalism project, created in Geneva by French and Swiss journalists who previously worked in various high-profile daily titles. Serge Michel will discuss how such a project can be started in a crowded landscape, and what choices allow them to stand out and offer something different from traditional press outlets.

Serge Michel is a Swiss journalist, Albert Londres prize for reporting, former deputy editor-in-chief of Le Temps and deputy director of Le Monde, for which he also created Le Monde Afrique. He is a co-founder of

Saturday 2 November, room S5

Popularising science on Youtube: a practical experience (Gilles Mitteau, 7h)

What if the media were doing a terrible job at educating people? What if your expertise, insight and knowledge were worth sharing with everyone? How would you act upon it? We are living in a world where anybody can pick up his phone and post a video on social media. If you believe that you have something to say the problem is not the lack of options, it is for people to find your message within the cacophony of content already there. Being noticed has to do with a combination of luck, creativity and technical skills. I cannot really help you with the first two, but part of my job is to know a few things about the third. Let’s learn how to make a proper video.

After a degree at ESC Rennes School of Business, Gilles Mitteau used to work on the trading floor of a French investment bank. Today he is living off of his YouTube channel Heu?reka, which focuses on finance and macroeconomics literacy (in French).

Friday 15 November

Practical podcast recording (Yann Rieder, 4h)

The group will record, edit and publish a podcast with Yann Rieder.