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Digital Skills Workshops for PhD Students (UNIGE & Graduate Institute)

Autumn 2021


22 Oct 2021

DS15:  09:00-12:30

DS16: 14:00-17:30


Introduction to Web Scraping Using R (DS15 & DS16)

Web scraping can help you extract data and content from a website.

The morning session will cover an introduction to R (DS15) for those that have not used R before (but ideally have some programming knowledge) or those that need a refresher.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to web scraping (DS16)


5 & 12 Nov 2021




Internet Governance

These workshops will provide theoretical and practical perspectives on the evolution of Internet governance, covering legal and policy challenges triggered by digitalization. Cross-sectoral concerns combining socioeconomic, political and ethical dilemmas will be discussed, offering an overview of critical points of control for the Internet and inherent tensions around them.

This theme will be addressed in two different workshops:

  • Governing the Digital World (DS17), 5 November 2021, 12:00-16:00
  • Cybersecurity & Cyber Hygiene: The good, the bad, the ugly (DS22), 12 November 2021, 09:00-13:00


19 Nov 2021




Making maps in QGIS: An introductory workshop (DS18)

In this workshop, you will learn how to create maps that effectively communicate your research.

Having completed this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create a map of geographical features using existing QGIS shapefiles.
  • Add data from a second source to geographical features, and display this on a map.
  • Do basic geoprocessing to add map elements such as buffers, straightest short-line distances etc. 
  • Create your own map of geographical features from a picture or PDF. 
  • Tailor all maps to communicate your data to your reader in a clear way.


26 Nov 2021



Big Data and AI (DS19)

This workshop will first provide an overview of the current state of big data and AI including technical, ethical and regulatory challenges. Working in smaller groups, you will then deepen your knowledge by working on case studies and developing concrete concepts for the responsible use of big data and AI approaches in diverse decision-making contexts.


3 & 10



From Text to Data: Using automated text analysis in research (DS20)

The workshop combines a theoretical lecture and a practical session. The theoretical lecture will review existing text analytical methods and data collection techniques; the practical coding session (in R) will emphasise how to deal with practical issues throughout each step of the research process: data collection, analysis and visualisation. During the practical session, students will work with different text databases from Twitter and policy documents. During this workshop, we will be using R. Some prior knowledge of programming language is required (see workshop (DS15) Introduction to R)


17 Dec 2021


Graduate Institute

Where does digital journalism go and how to contribute? (DS21)

This workshop will be led by Serge Michel who is a Swiss journalist, Albert Londres Prize for reporting, former deputy director of Le Monde for which he also created Le Monde Afrique. He's the co-founder and chief editor of and deputy chief editor of Le Temps

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Digital Skills workshops organised by UNIGE and open to all PHD students at the Graduate Institute: