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Digital Skills Workshops for PhD Students (UNIGE and Geneva Graduate Institute)

Big Data and AI - Friday 26 November - 09:00-13:00, online

DS19 - Big Data and AI

(Karsten Donnay, 4h)

The increasing digitalization of our everyday lives, from smartphones to social media, e-commerce or digital public services, is generating an unprecedented amount of data. Fueled by these big data, AI approaches are becoming more and more prevalent and have proved to be remarkably powerful in certain areas. At the same time, there are serious concerns related to AI approaches, including their inherent bias

es and unwanted consequences of algorithmic decision making but also a lack of effective regulation and safeguards. This workshop will first provide an overview of the current state of big data and AI including technical, ethical and regulatory challenges. Working in smaller groups, you will then deepen your knowledge by working on case studies and developing concrete concepts for the responsible use of big data and AI approaches in diverse decision-making contexts.

Dr Karsten Donnay is Assistant Professor of Political Behavior and Digital Media in the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich (UZH). He is also a member of UZH’s Digital Society Initiative where he is working on implications of digitalization for democratic processes. This includes work on the automatic detection of media bias but also an Innosuisse project on online hate speech and effective counter-strategies. Next to his academic work, Karsten Donnay is a partner at the Social Complexity Lab Geneva where he advises international organizations as well as public and private sector stakeholders in the area of digitalization and data science.

This workshop will take place online on Friday 26 November 2021, 09:00-13:00, online.

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