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Digital Skills Workshops for PhD Students (UNIGE and Geneva Graduate Institute)

DS45 - nodegoat Clinic: Bring Your Own Data / Sources / Research Questions

 DS45 - nodegoat Clinic: Bring Your Own Data / Sources / Research Questions

 Pim van Bree and Geert Kessels (LAB1100)



8 November 2024, 10:00-17:00, Room S12

This workshop will focus on the usage of nodegoat, which is specifically developed as a data management, network analysis, and visualisation environment for research projects in the humanities

In this clinic you will learn how to design a research data workflow that works for your research project. Whether you are gathering a small set of data or a large set of data, it is important that you store and manage this data properly so you can use your data to its full potential. The web based research environment 'nodegoat' ( is well suited to create a custom-built research environment that can host your data and that you can use to visualise and analyse your data.

Clinic programme:


10:00 Introduction to nodegoat
11:00 Who are you and what are your sources / data / research questions
11:30 Break
11:45 Learn how to enter data into nodegoat
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Learn how to conceptualise a data model
14:30 Implementing a data model in nodegoat
15:00 Enter data in your data model
15:30 Break
15:45 Filter / Visualisations / Conditions
16:15 Import / Export
16:30 Linked Data connections / Network Analysis
17:00 End of the clinic


Request a nodegoat account before the clinic via 

LAB1100 is a research and development firm established in 2011 by Pim van Bree and Geert Kessels. LAB1100 brings together skills in new media, history, and software development. Working together with universities, research institutes, and museums, LAB1100 has built the digital research platform nodegoat and produces interactive data visualisations.


PhD students of the Graduate Institute will be informed of each workshop by email.  For any questions regarding registration to the workshop, please contact: