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Droit d'auteur

Ce guide pratique sur le droit d'auteur donne des renseignements à titre informatif et ne constitue en aucun cas un avis juridique.

What to Know About Copyright

What is Copyright? 

Copyright is a law that protects any fixed, original creative human expression for 70 years after the death of the creator, even documents, images that you can find on the Internet.

As a student studying in Switzerland, you are subject to the Swiss Copyright Law (Federal Act on copyright and related rights).

Are my Works Protected?

Yes, as a student you will be the copyright owner of all the original works you produce – literary works, researches, thesis, etc. Copyright protection is automatic as soon as there is a creation. There is no official registration of copyright.

What Does "in the Public Domain" Mean?

70 years after the death of the author, the material is no more protected because the copyright has expired. The material is "in the public domain" and freely reusable.

Can I Use Materials Without Permission?

Yes and no. If you use material under copyright for your research and your personal use or if you cite a material, you can do this without permission. But, if you want to reuse the material in a thesis or a blog, you must have the permission of the copyright holder.

How Can I Use the Creative Commons?

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting the ideas, works or words and researches of other people as yours.

> cf. Original thinking allowed: avoiding plagiarism

What About Social Media and the Web?

All material on the Internet is protected by copyright, this includes images. You should not upload anything that you do not own the rights to unless you have permission from the rights holder.

Check carefully the terms and conditions of any social media site you sign up to.